The Glass Ribbon Project

Using Art to Support Those Touched By Cancer

Chemo Buddies

Connecting Chemotherapy Patients with Their Support Networks
Over Any Social Distance

The Glass Ribbon Project

Fusing Glass, Sharing Strength, Giving Hope

About Us

Fusing Glass,
Sharing Strength,
Giving Hope

Since its inception in 2005, The Glass Ribbon Project has been a catalyst for using art to do good and promote healing in the face of adversity. Conceived as a way for the community to rally around loved ones fighting against breast cancer, individuals, groups, and organizations have participated in the program as both a fundraiser and friendraiser.

When he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Glass Ribbon took on a new and very personal life for artist and founder Gary Rosenthal. Seeing this as a chance to transform his situation into something that does good, Gary is bringing this concept to the Cancer community and hopes to share the healing power of art to as many as possible.

Strength Stones are Made by Survivors, Thrivers, Family and Friends

Watch the video below to learn how!

Our yearly goal is to distribute




We hope to partner with


nonprofit organizations

Our annual project goal is



Share strength and support
with friends and family through Glass Ribbon.

What is a Chemo Buddy?

The Glass Ribbon Project’s primary program is Chemo Buddy Strength Stones. These are polished glass “stones” that a cancer patient and the patient’s friends and loved ones can hold to provide a tactile demonstration of love and support. When receiving chemo (or at any other time) the patient can physically “hold hands” with supporters when those supporters cannot be with them.


Chemo Buddies help to better connect people undergoing chemotherapy with their loved ones and personal support networks through the medium of Strength Stones, fused-glass symbols of solidarity that can be carried into treatment as well as by family and loved ones in support. We hope you will join us in our goal of donating 10,000 Strength Stones to newly diagnosed cancer patients in our first year.

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Why We Exist

Touched by Cancer

Sharing stories of strength and survival through The Glass Ribbon Project

Through The Glass Ribbon Project, thousands of people have come together to create beautiful glass art as well as demonstrating strength and support for themselves, their families and loved ones, and cancer patients they have never met. Follow our journey through the stories of the people touched by our program.



Cancer nonprofit 2Unstoppable has been working with the Strength Stone project since 2015, and when the project developed into the Glass Ribbon Project, they were eager to participate in their own Chemo Buddies program. The Glass Ribbon project has been able to continue donating Strength Stones to 2Unstoppable through the generous support of both corporate sponsors and individual donors.

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Camp Aurora

In February 2021, The Glass Ribbon Project partnered with Camp Aurora in Atlanta, Georgia to present the first telepresence Chemo Buddies program over Zoom, enabling projects to continue despite the social distancing requirements of the COVID pandemic.

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St Francis Prep

At St Francis Preparatory High School in Fresh Meadows, NY, students discovered The Glass Ribbon Project online, and were moved to replicate it, in both method and mission, in their own glass studio

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Amazing Stories

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What People Say About Us

Thank you so much for your love, care, support & encouragement during the toughest time of my life. With your strength stone, I knew the path I walked would never be alone & would be smoother than I’d thought.”


-Program Participant

“It was a truly inspirational project. We would like to thank Gary for his strength and true courage. It was a pleasure and thrill to speak to Gary over the phone and personally thank him for his leadership.”

St Francis Prep

-Jeanne Buccino, Art Teacher

My amazing best friend Emily was doing some outside research on things to help me get through my scary cancer diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer at just 34 years young. She stumbled across Sharashet and found the Glass Ribbon Project. She had reached out to them letting them know what I was going through and immediately they made some pink and yellow stones (soulful sunflower is my ‘nickname’) and these stones just brought me so much strength and hope knowing that I’m not alone. I also got some extra stones to share in my free cancer giveaway boxes! I want to make sure I spread these stones of strength and hope to other people going through this journey!  We also can’t wait to make our own stones with my family as a fun activity together, so we can share the strength and hope we as a family have created while I go through this journey of mine

Jessica Fishman

-Cancer Survivor

Get Involved

The success of the Glass Ribbon Project is driven by our community. We’re thankful for the help and support we receive and are always open to more support. Click on the sections below if you can help.

Become a Volunteer

From making glass to be fired and cut into Strength Stones and preparing bags of stones for cancer patients, to outreach, and working behind the scenes, your help enables us to share strength with those who have been touched by cancer.

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Donate Now

Your donations help us provide Strength Stones to newly diagnosed cancer patients at no cost. Donations will also support live programs where we work with pediatric cancer patients to make their own strength stones.