The TGRP Story

The GRP Story

With the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed upon us all, cancer patients are being forced to go through chemotherapy without the hand of a loved one or friend to hold.  But that does not have to be the case anymore with the The Glass Ribbon Project.

The Glass Ribbon Project got its start as a community program for women with breast cancer through the Gary Rosenthal Collection.  Since its inception in 2005, The Glass Ribbon Project has been a catalyst for using art to do good and promote healing.

After being diagnosed in 2020 with Pancreatic Cancer, and enduring the long, lonely hours of chemo himself when the pandemic hit, Gary Rosenthal knew that The Glass Ribbon Project would bring comfort to men and women undergoing treatment for types all cancers.  He created a non-profit organization for the project and is providing cancer patients and their families all over the world support as they battle cancer, at no cost to them.  Hence, Chemo Buddy Strength Stones.

Whether by creating Chemo Buddy Strength Stones from pieces of glass, sending packets of stones to loved ones, or supporting the project financially, newly diagnosed patients are feeling the love, strength and soul of those who help create and distribute the stones.

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Idea to Reality

Turning glass into art, strength into support, and helping into healing.

As a sculptor, my work has always had a purpose that was spiritual, and my career was always about using my art to help others. I created The Glass Ribbon Project over fifteen years ago to support women with breast cancer. I was inspired to create strength stones after I read the story of a cancer nurse who was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she told her mother about the diagnosis, her mom reached down and picked up two stones. While keeping one for herself, she gave one to her daughter and told her “I will reach into my pocket and hold on to my stone whenever you have a procedure or treatment, and I will say a prayer.” Her mother and I both believe that there is a real connection between people that makes a difference. When people share their strength and hope – healing happens!