“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”
– James Matthew Barrie

Volunteering provides you with incredible growth opportunities to not only learn new skills and gain new perspectives, but you can also feel more connected to your community and find a deeper meaning and purpose in your life.  Here are some ways in which you can contribute to The Glass Ribbon Project as a volunteer.

Chemo Buddy Strength Stones are created by gluing cut pieces of colored glass in a mosaic pattern onto a glass base. Volunteers create the glass, either in the studio or at home (all supplies are provided) which are then fired and cut into round stones at the studio.  No artistic skills are required and this can be a group project with friends (over Zoom during the pandemic) or family members of all ages. If you choose to include friends and family, it is a great opportunity to share the story of The Glass Ribbon Project and hopefully encourage others to show their strength by volunteering or by making a donation to help sustain the project and provide strength stones at no cost to those going through cancer treatment.


Once the stones have been cut and polished, Volunteers place them into mesh bags with literature explaining the story behind The Glass Ribbon Project and how the strength of others touched by cancer have gone into making the stones. As our goal is to send out 100,000 stones this year, Volunteers are always appreciated to complete this task and get the stones out to those in need of strength and love behind them.

It’s a small world and you never know who knows someone, somewhere, who could benefit from participation in The Glass Ribbon Project.  Without support from organizations and individuals, this project would not be viable.  Volunteers who have networking skills, have ideas to share, or just want to assist in brainstorming are valuable assets to any organization and we welcome you to join us for informal discussions.


Shipping packages of strength stones, creating mailings, or helping to cut glass are just some of the possibilities for Volunteers to assist in the behind the scenes success of The Glass Ribbon Project. 


  • Develop Communication Skills
  • Work with a far-reaching artistic community
  • Connect with other survivors and communities
  • Practice radical empathy
  • Build community leaders of the future
  • Improve memory and coordination

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