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When 2Unstoppable co-founder Michelle was undergoing treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2015, a close friend gave her the gift of a strength stone from the Gary Rosenthal Glass Ribbon Project. The stone meant a lot to her for many reasons. First, she adores the look and feel of fused glass, she had worked closely with Gary on a project  years ago and, most importantly, Gary personifies the very strength, optimism, and a zest and joy for life that is so needed during cancer treatment. Michelle held that pink & white strength stone when she lost her hair to chemotherapy, at her first chemo infusion, heading into surgery, scans, and radiation, and waiting for many test results along the way. She carried it with her in her purse through every day of treatment and well beyond, and sometimes, when she needed just a bit of extra strength to get through the day, she reached down, felt the smooth glass, and absorbed the strength that came with it.

At that same time in her life, fitness, in its various forms, had been in and out of her life since her 20’s. However, when her oncologist told her to move as much as possible throughout treatment to combat fatigue and anxiety, she took her words to heart made fitness a part of her complementary treatment plan. The benefits were definitive and numerous. Now that she is more than 5 years post-treatment, she recognizes the extraordinary importance and impact of regular exercise for cancer patients and survivors, and the research behind it.  With the desire to help every patient and survivor to benefit from exercise, and a recognition of a deep need in the cancer community, she co-founded 2Unstappable, a non-profit whose mission is to INSPIRE & SUPPORT exercise among women with a cancer diagnosis.

Years later, 2Unstoppable is partnering with The Glass Ribbon Project to provide strength stones to our community. 2Unstoppable is all about helping women get through and beyond one of the most difficult challenges of their lives with strength. Together with The Glass Ribbon Project, 2Unstoppable hopes to reduce the feeling of isolation that often comes with a cancer diagnosis.  Michelle knows, from personal experience, the feeling of caring and strength that one of these unique pieces of smooth glass can bring in the most difficult moments. The glass stones provide patients and survivors with inspiration, support, and just a bit more strength to get through each day.

Michelle Stravitz is also a PCI-Certified Parent Coach, holds an MS from The GWU, and BS Engineering and BS Economics degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.  Leading 2Unstoppable and serving on the Board of Glass Ribbon Project culminate a wealth of experience and passion advising and serving on the boards of various non-profit organizations and running a small management consulting firm.  Michelle is the CFO of Spectrum Management Consulting and is also a professional event coordinator.  She has served as a peer supporter for women of all ages undergoing treatment for breast cancer, both informally and through organizations such as Sharsheret and Life With Cancer. She is a Jewish Women’s International 2021 Woman-to-Watch and lives in Fairfax VA with her husband, four children, and one dog.