Glass Ribbon

What is Glass Ribbon

Employing art to inspire hope among cancer patients by allowing family and friends to share their strength.

The Glass Ribbon Project is built upon the belief that fighting cancer benefits from the support of a close, connected network of people sharing not only words, but emotional strength. We strive to use art to strengthen that bond, between those who have been diagnosed and those sharing strength with them.

How They are Made

  • 1

    Glass Artists create mosaic panels from small shards.

  • 2

    Mosaic panels are fused into plates.

  • 3

    Plates are cut into individual stones.

  • 4

    Stones are fired again to make them rounded, and ready to send.


Meet Our Team

Gary Rosenthal


Cindy Schnabel Berman

Glass Artist/Project Manager

Shelley Reese

Volunteer Coordinator

Michael Kelne